We request all our authors and customers to be careful regarding growing problems of cyber security, phishing emails, etc.

Steps to be followed
We suggest following steps, if you ever face or suspect any such problem.
1. If you suspect any problem, kindly please check your unique manuscript number in the communication. Our all email and communication contain your manuscript number.
2. If you suspect any problem, please write directly to the Director of this publishing house by email
3. If you suspect any problem, please contact us in the following official WhatsApp number
+91 7439016438

List of official domains (used for mail communication)
List of our official domains are given below. Any email, which contains these domains should be considered authentic.
a. www.mbspress.org
b. www.mbspress.net
c. www.mbspress.info
d. www.mbspress.in

List of official domains (used for promotion)
a. www.bookspi.org
b. www.bookpii.org
c. www.bookpi2.com
d. www.bpipromotion.org
e. www.bpinternational.org

List of official email addresses (accounts department)
A list of official email addresses is given below. These email addresses are used by the Accounts/ Finance department for payment instructions.
Any communication from these official email addresses should be considered authentic.
1. editor.8@bookpi.org
2. editor@bookpi.org
3. editor.1@bookpi.org
4. editor.2@bookpi.org
5. editor.3@bookpi.org
6. editor.4@bookpi.org
7. editor.5@bookpi.org
8. editor.6@bookpi.org
9. editor.7@bookpi.org
10. editor.9@bookpi.org
11. editor.10@bookpi.org
12. editor.11@bookpi.org
13. editor.book@outlook.com
14. book.editor@yahoo.com
15. editor.bookpi004@gmail.com
16. editor.13@bookpi.org
17. editor.14@bookpi.org
18. editor.20@bookpi.org
19. editor.21@bookpi.org
20. editor.1@bookpi.in
21. editor.2@bookpi.in
22. editor.3@bookpi.in
23. editor.4@bookpi.in
24. editor.5@bookpi.in
25. editor@bookpi.info
26. editor.1@bookpi.info
27. editor.2@bookpi.info
28. editor.3@bookpi.info
29. editor.4@bookpi.info
30. editor@bookpi.uk
31. editor.1@bookpi.uk
32. editor.2@bookpi.uk
33. editor.3@bookpi.uk
34. editor.4@bookpi.uk

List of official email addresses (used for promotion)
1. editor01@bookspi.org
2. editor.bookpi1@bookpii.org
3. editor@bookpi2.com
4. editor@bpipromotion.org
5. editor@bpinternational.org

List of Payment Processing Companies/processes
a. Paypal (We have two paypal accounts Sciencedomain International and Sciencedomain International HR)
b. 2Checkout
c. FastSpring
d. Razorpay
e. Bank wire transfer

We advise all customers to be careful. Kindly note that some simple steps can avoid some bigger problem. There is no need to be panic, as our cyber security team is continuously working for your safety.